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After Care

After Care is most Important as when a patient recovers in rehab and Re-enters the world where he is faced with same old or many new situations driving him again towards Drugs/Alcohol. Serenity is what he has learned in rehab and he must practice same. At any Time of day and night his counselor is available on phone for guidance.

The basic root cause of attraction, obsession & craving can resurface in any of the forms. He is advised to remain in touch with his counselor and also regularly attend the N.A./A.A. Meetings.

Recovered patient is most welcome in Together Foundation as a guest on week ends. This way not only he is the one who benefits by experiencing the recovering addicts but he becomes an example and source of inspiration for recovering addicts.

His sharing of experience, thoughts and feelings are very valuable to the recovering addicts.

At Together Foundation we welcome all our Past Patients in Recovery with Open Heart and Wide open arms for a warm hug.

We do teach about relapse syndrome and caution to be exercised.


Changes in Attitudes:

  • Not caring about sobriety.
  • Becoming too negative about life.

Changes in Thought:

  • Thinking that he deserves Drugs/Alcohol because he had been sober for quite some time.
  • Thinking that he can use substitute drug/drink.
  • Thinking that his problem is “cured” since he had been abstaining for quite some time.

Changes in Feelings:

  • Increased moodiness or depression.
  • Strong feeling of Anger & or Resentment.
  • Increased feeling of Boredom & Loneliness.

Changes in Behaviour:

  • Often loosing serenity.
  • Increased episodes of arguing with others.
  • Stopping in a bar just to socialise and drink soda or other soft drinks.
  • Increased stress symptoms.