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Family & Work Place

Family, Relatives, Work Place & Social Stigma

The promoter and other Directors are well aware of the fact that an addict person is a patient of a disease called addiction and that his addiction plays havoc not only with his own life but with all the people involved with him as family, relatives, work place and society at large.  Not only his but family’s image is tarnished in the society and workplace. An addict looses his job because of irregular attendance and improper work & behaviour.  Addiction causes him to be self centered and irresponsible. It also causes serious accidents endangering his as well as other peoples life.

Social, financial, family, marital, occupational and legal problems all have potential to relate directly to illicit use of drugs.

Those who love him are the most sufferers as they can not see him in the grip of addiction. This disease ruins the health, wealth, education, career & relationships.

Attempts to quit addiction by Family, Relatives and even an Addict Person himself are found to be a failure as disease of Addiction has very strong, powerful and tactful grip on the addict Person. This disease does not allow a person himself to get released from its effects.