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Recovery Stages

Recovery from Addiction goes through distinctly defined period as follows:

1 Pre-Treatment Recognition of Addiction
2 Stabilisation Handling Withdrawal Symptoms & Crisis Management
3 Early Recovery Recovery from Post Acute Withdrawal
4 Middle Recovery Balanced Living
5 Final Recovery Stage Positive Personality Changes, Growth & Development.

What are the problems experienced during initial stages of abstinence (Initial period of Recovery)?

  • Internal & External Dysfunction.
  • Thought Process Impairment.
  • Emotional Process.
  • Problems with remembering things.
  • High level of stress.
  • Difficulty in sleeping restfully.
  • Difficulty with physical coordination.
  • Denial returns.
  • Avoidance & Defensiveness.
  • Crisis Building.
  • Immobilisation.
  • Confusion & Over reaction

Changes during Recovery in Rehab

There are distinctive changes in an addict person during abstinence & recovery and these are evident at particular time period.

Average time period of abstinence and evident traits

First 90 days (3 Months) ACTION (Addict will think before Acting on Impulse.)
90 to 180 days (6 Months) INTENTION (Addicts Intention of using is negated.)
180 to 270 days (9 Months) BEHAVIOUR (Addicts behaviour pattern changes.)
270+ days (9 Months & Up) VALUE (Value of Soberness & Recovery is understood)

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