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Treatment for the Disease of Addiction has many methods adopted by different Practitioners but the oldest and world wide recognised method is 12 Steps of AA/NA Founded in 1935 with highest recovery rate the world over.

At Together Foundation we adopt this method combined with rehab process with Personalised  action plan. We have qualified Doctors & Psychiatrist and a trained staff For giving timely medication as Prescribed by Doctors.

The path to recovery requires peeling back layers of self—addicted self and all the deeds done for continuing the substance usage. Once realisation occurs it turns into remorse, guilt, Resentments etc. This difficult process of deep self-discovery finds compatibility with external comfort, beautiful surroundings, and individualized care.

Mostly addict personality suffers from substance disorder due to personality disorder or Psychiatric illness (Thought process etc.) and hence substance abuse. Common Mental Illness linked to addiction are Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Whereas prolonged usage of drugs and alcohol may cause Sound or Visual Hallucinations, Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Suicidal tendencies, Fits etc. thus substance abuse causing mental illness.

At Together Foundation a individualised controlled therapeutic treatment takes care of addiction alongside mental and personality disorders for Recovery. Recovery Stages are Monitored closely and can be summed up as shown in graphic.

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