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What is Addiction

Addiction arises out of Destructive Uncontrollable Emotions like Craving, Obsession etc. aided by mental & physical compulsion. The compulsion of using drives an addict to commit crimes starting as lying, thefts, corruption, etc. and then graduating to major crimes like Dacoity, Loots, Murder, Rape etc. besides the fact that addict’s health is deteriorating not only day by day but by every moment he is using. It is a Disease – Act NOW before its too late –

Addiction might be caused by any reason whatsoever. Addiction may be the result of a particular event or a series of activating events, or an individual might be genetically, socially, culturally or for any other reasons be trapped in the addiction for which he may or may not be exclusively responsible.

However, addict owns the responsibility of choosing the narcotic substance as a coping mechanism, he is responsible for the acts committed during his addiction and more importantly he has to take the sole responsibility of sober living.

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