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Why Rehab?

Why Rehab? & Why “Together” ?

Attempts to quit addiction by Family, Relatives and even an Addict Person himself are found to be a failure as disease of Addiction has very strong, powerful and tactful grip on the addict Person. This disease does not allow a person himself to get released from its effects. A Rehab is well equipped to handle the withdrawal effects, Detoxification and making Changes in “ACTION, INTENTION AND BEHAVIOUR”.

At Together Foundation Rehab Facility we follow the principles of N.A./A.A. and We make an addict aware that he is suffering from a disease called addiction and his admission and then surrender to the disease is the Foundation of his recovery.

He identifies himself among other addicts who act as a mirror to him. The Group Therapy and TOGETHERNESS of the Addicts benefits all and it becomes a WIN – WIN situation for all the addicts over their disease.

Counselors and staff of Together Foundation are well experienced persons in this field. They themselves were addict once upon a time and are now leading a clean life. It is an addict who teaches another addict, hence understanding between them is thus better. “An Addict Starts to believe and “Holds the Hand of Recovery”.

 “Together We Can” !

Who Needs Rehab ?

Anyone who has lost all power and control over his or her consumption of alcohol/narcotic drugs or prescription medication needs help. When it comes to intoxicants there are only two types of people – those who consume and enjoy them socially or recreationally and those who are driven to Consume them self destructively.

For an addict person, a support system that keeps the substance away, one day at a time is the only solution. At Together Foundation Rehabilitation Centre, we help develop the strength to stop using drugs and alcohol and stay stopped and to enjoy an alternative life without the crutch of substance.

What is recovery?

A person is on the recovery path when he abstains from or stops the use of addictive substance completely, examines and improves self-thinking, feeling and behaviour patterns; that are he tries to make reasonable changes in his lifestyle. The recovered addict also starts rehabilitating himself in family, job, education and career. He also takes efforts in learning ways to cope with free time, money and relationships that is channelling energies into positive ways.

What is detoxification?

It is a process in which the patient is administered drugs, diet and a change of atmosphere to break the routine of addiction. Required medical and counselling support is also provided as withdrawal symptoms (commonly called “turkey”) like disorientation, hallucinations, fits, sleeplessness, and restlessness often occur during detoxification.

What does a rehabilitation centre do?

A rehabilitation centre helps addicts in the recovery process. The centres usually have an outlined residential program. Use of discipline, creative & constructive routines and psychological treatment methods are the salient features of the centres. The addicts are helped to analyze themselves, confront defensive behaviour and learn coping patterns. The duration of the patient’s stay may vary from person to person.

What happens after treatment?

Person comes back educated about his illness, believes that he can remain without addictive substance, and continues with his work. He sees other addicts in worse conditions and remains watchful of his own deterioration if he goes in to relapse. He is also aware of the disadvantages of substance abuse, and that if he does not take proper precautions there are chances of relapse.

Cost of Rehab vs. Cost of Addiction:

While the cost of rehab may be a deterrent for some people, it is important to remember the cost of addiction. It comes with many financial costs, due to the price of the drugs, lost productivity at work, criminal fines and medical bills for health issues associated with addiction. In addition, addiction costs the addict dearly in other ways — from the deterioration of relationships and lost career goals to over all unhappiness and poor health.

Inpatient facilities are 24-hour facilities that usually have medical staff to provide medical support whenever necessary. Inpatient programs include group therapy, individual therapy and often complementary therapies, such as meditation, animal therapy or outdoor activities. Inpatient treatment is the most comprehensive form of treatment, allowing the patient to fully focus on their addiction and recovery. Since they are removed from the stress of their regular lives, patients are better able to attack their addiction issues. Inpatient facilities often cost more because the patient is provided with everything — therapy, meals, lodging and activities.

What Is Luxury or Semi Luxury Treatment?

Luxury or Semi Luxury rehabilitation offers far more amenities and posh surrounding looks than standard dormitory rehab facilities. Patients are afforded maximum privacy. Rehab centre offers A.C. (Luxury) & Non A.C. (Semi Luxury) Rooms, holistic programs, adventure therapies, gourmet meals, and innovative recovery therapies. High-level executives, celebrities and other public figures often choose luxury rehab for the exclusive amenities, privacy and the likelihood that they will be among their peers.

If you have any other questions about rehab programs, feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to talk with you about your options.